CAL Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions:

All invoice(s) are due on receipt and considered late after 30 days of issue. 

After 30 days an interest charge of 0.0662% per day which equals approximately 2% per month. Any partial payments will be directed towards the late-payment then towards the initial balance. Any discounts provided via quotation or offered are voided if invoices are 30 days past due.  

Any samples received with late outstanding invoice (greater than 45 days) will not be reported until all outstanding invoices are paid in full including all late payments. 

Any invoices 90 or more days past due will be assessed with a 25% penalty and turned over to a third part collection company. The client will also be responsible for any and all fees associated with invoices that have gone to collections. Cornerstone Analytical Laboratories will not provide any testing services for clients that have invoices in collections.  

Any legal fees generated due to client responsibilities will be invoiced.  All data will remain the property of Cornerstone Analytical Laboratories and may be stored up to 7 years.  Data while being stored will remain confidential.

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