CAL Equipment And Instrumentation Capabilities

We design all in one tech solutions for the complex needs of the analytical testing industry.

At Cornerstone Analytical Laboratories we configure our instruments to be as versatile as possible.  Our laboratory works with a wide group of vendors and we and can support any needed analytical system.  For our method developments we have worked with vendors to assemble custom configured instrumentation.   Look at the instrument links below to see specific instrument configurations.  

Gas Chromatography

Detectors: MS, FID, TCD Injection Methods: Liquid, Headspace, SPME, TGA Oven Range: Cryogenic to 450 Celcuis Column: We have access to any available columns. Restek, Grace, Agilent, Thermo columns are all on hand.

Ion Chromatography

Metrohm IC systems are configured for multiple channels with multiple detectors. Dual Conductivity Pulsed Amperometeric UV-Vis Diode Array Detector Additional pumps to allow for gradient separations. Cold Sample compartment. Samples may be stored as low as 3 deg C. mixing T's and gradient pumps for post column reagent addition.

Differential Scanning Calorimetry

We use the Mettler platform. Temperature Range: Cryogenic (-160), to 700 oC. Crucible size: 20uL to 100 uL Crucibles Available: Alumina, Aluminium, Copper, Gold, Platinum and Sapphire. Reputability: 0.0025%


We use the Mettler platform featuring the new TGA 3+. This system allows for TGA and DSC information from a single analysis. Temperature Range: Ambient to 1100 oC Crucible size: 20uL to 900 uL TGA-MS capable. Oxidative, ambient and mixing of both available. Crucibles Available: Alumina, Aluminium, Copper, Gold, Platinum and Sapphire. Weighing Accuracy: 0.1 ug Reputability: 0.0025%

Liquid Chromatography

LC-MS-MS system fully custom analysis available.


We analyze samples based on your applications. Samples can be introduced in various forms. Flow cell, ATR, Salt windows, microscopic introductions.

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